Teacher Plus

The Teacher Plus Program provides teachers from western countries the opportunity to gain employment in China as a teacher. The teaching positions we offer mainly focus on teaching English language, Sports, Fine Art, Dance, Theatre, Science and so on. This is enabled by our Chinese partner schools and agencies, who have commissioned China Plus to recruit, select and prepare qualified teachers to be employed by these schools in China. Our program is FREE OF CHARGE to the teachers.

Specifically, we carry out the first interview with the applicants, match them and get them in touch with a suitable school, help them with second/third interviews if needed, assist them in collecting the necessary documents for obtaining a Chinese work permit, guide them with their visa application, and prepare them with as much information as possible to start their teaching job in China. It is our mission to find the best offer for each teacher. Every year we send two groups of teachers to China, over the months of February/March and August/September.


  • Monthly salary between €1700 and €2200 net
  • Between €600 and €1000 flight allowance
  • Free apartment or sufficient housing allowance
  • Full paid public holidays


Why we are here

It can be quite a stressful experience handling everything yourself when trying to find a job in China. Often job-seekers feel frustrated when facing the necessary paper works, communication issues with the employer, Chinese visa issues and so on. All these uncertainties aren’t due to cultural differences or a lack of information but are often caused by an excess of confusing information provided by different channels on the internet. Eventually, you might feel lost. As a recruitment agency within the English language teaching industry in China, we feel it is our responsibility to make the necessary arrangements for China easier and transparent. It is our mission that every applicant will match with a unique school with regards to specific additions based on their personal needs.

Our company is registered with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce, where you can check the legality of our company. The Dutch Chamber of Commerce is called ‘Kamer van Koophandel’ in the Netherlands. With this link you can easily find us and our registration number is 55957986.

Our Activities

Specifically, we carry out the first interviews with the applicants, match them and get them in touch with a suitable school, help them with second/third interviews, assist them with collecting the necessary documents, guide them with their visa application, and prepare them with enough information to start their job as a teacher in China. It is our goal to find the best offer for our teachers and our service is FREE OF CHARGE to the Teacher Plus program applicants.

Our Team

China Plus consists of a group of people who are passionate about China. We all have first-hand experience in China, and we love this country. Not only due to the rapid economic development and the abundance of opportunities, but we also appreciate the ‘messier’ sides of this country. Our team is honest, experienced, dedicated, and each member has an international background with specialized knowledge about China. We are approachable and always go the extra mile for your application. We communicate on a personal level and provide constant support before and after your arrival in China.

Aixia Li

Aixia Li Senior Recruiter

"As the senior recruiter, I oversee the entire program procedure from the initial stages of recruitment, training and preparation, up until the later stages of matching qualified teachers with a suitable school and supporting them until their contract ends. At the same time, I am in charge of establishing cooperation with relevant partners.

With my Chinese roots and years of working experience related to cultural exchange with China, it is my goal to ensure that every of our candidates reaches their personal targets and has a great experience in China."

Jeroen Vogelpoel

Jeroen Vogelpoel Business developer & IT manager

”As a business developer, I am responsible for setting up co-operations with relevant partners within the industry such as universities & recruitment agencies and I assist the managing director with recruiting the appropriate candidates in Europe.

With my extensive experience in working for cultural exchange companies toward China, I hope to share my knowledge, enthusiasm and love for this beautiful country as well as to encourage others to take a leap of faith and discover all that it has to offer.’’

Puck Stamps

Puck Stamps Program Consultant (freelance)

"As a Program Consultant, I support China Plus in its search for relevant parties to cooperate with and its goal to set up and maintain a network in the Netherlands. I also give advice on marketing activities and keep the Dutch version of the website up to date.

With my extensive experience as an English teacher in China and my background in communication and marketing, I hope to positively contribute to China Plus and to give others the possibility to also get to know this great country."



Thank you for contacting us! We will try our best to reply in at most three working days!

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